Sandrine Guerin was born in Bordeaux. When her parents leaved Bordeaux she was three. The family moved into Perigord Noir region precisely in St Cyprien, where she growed up in a home where art was very present. She was introduced to drawing and painting by her father Alain. She came back to Bordeaux when she was 17 to finish school and learn academic painting in an art school. However, she will never forget Perigord Noir and will return regularly to recharge. Those long afternoon walks in nature there will be the cause a lot of sketches. She particularly likes Redon-Espic Castels’ Chapel, in its green setting, place of serenity and inspiration. Standing out more and more of academic painting, she aspires to a more liberated and mysterious painting ... Her painting is enriched over by the persons she meets, getting into their cultures and particularity.



Oil painting

"This technique allows me to feel this connection with the material what I really appreciate. Nothing is fixed, I can change the course of events up to my own satisfaction. Going through the brush, palette knife, my fingers, the cloth, an old sponge tip, my hand is guided by my imagination, my feelings of the moment, the past, present and future. Create new shades, mix, touching the oily material is a feeling of endless freedom. Each beginning of canvas is for me a source of excitement, but also afterwards serenity."


"I’d rather use the pastel for nudes. This is related to the different material. Indeed, I have a lot of fun playing with this magic powder. I gives shape to a body, I model the fingertips, I give him his own complexion. This person that does not exist in our world, will remain forever in unreality. My character has a name , a story, a destiny, and hopes ...... "

Charcoal and pencil

"The use of charcoal and pencil, is, for me, a dive in the past. I particularly use this technique to express strong and elready experienced emotions. It's a bit like watching old pictures with wistfullness. One would like to stop time, but it s too late, time has already taken everything, the page of the book is turned... ".


One of the techniques that i love to use because of its lightness, its practicality, it provides an immediate feeling of wanderlust. It's very easy to take away its "blister" of primary colours, and design according to your desires and travels in your travels diary.