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La Mondaine
Les Mounaques
Nu Musical
African woman
Nomad of the desert
Moroccan house
The look of childhood, innocence, curiosity, insouciance.
The bull, fiery, unpredictable, bull in its momentum.
The indian, tribute to indians, to this exceptional, beautiful relationship to the horse.
The unknow, learn how to know the differences of others, to understand them.
My daughter, maternal happiness, priceless treasure.
Bob Marley, tribute to the Jamaican singer-songwriter and his  fascinating reggae.
Chessboard dream, rider lost in the night, far ahead in the distance his ghost rears up in the moonlight.
The kiss, a yin and yang, it is a time of love and affection between two people.
Land and sea, opposition between a warm, wood-scented, earthly nature and a fresher, marine-scented nature.
Aisha, a young Moroccan girl returning from the river, carrying his jar filled with water.
Still life with copper, fruits and copper in our old house of Périgord.
The gaveuse goose, black Périgord, traditions and culture.
The basket of ceps, nature has already given us everything we shall take what is good for us, and never change anything ...
Veiled woman, invitation to mystery, to dream, to the ancient Middle East.
Chapel Espic Redon, Shrine Périgord chapel lost in the middle of nature, Chapel of the Apparitions as his legend.
Lou chabrol, wink to the best table in the Black Perigord.
Sleep naked young woman, sleeping a peaceful sleep lulled by his dreams.
Invitation to the Cabaret in the cabaret, the woman prepares and sparkles.
Dreams of women, women suspended in clouds, musical notes ... moment of pleasure, hidden desires, dreams ...
Half-portrait, we all have a hidden side, a secret garden ... and yet so many beautiful things to share.
Georges Brassens tribute to his songs, to the man he was.
Energy, woman drawing its energy from its star light. Hidden resources and strengths of women ...
Charly invitation music, world music discovery ...
The Tuareg, blue and white for the Tuareg of the desert, his piercing gaze in telling much about his life ... (inspiration blue: wink Majorelle blue, inspired by the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech, beautiful and cabalistic place both.